Ass Clown Brewing Company #SoberCLT

Located in a business park in Cornelius, this little brewery packs a big punch when you walk in the door. Many people are aware of their amazing assortment of beers, but the thing you might not realize is that they make sure to have plenty of non alcoholic options that are also all natural and/or organic.

No shortage of cold beverages

If you haven’t had the chance to go and visit this funky place, I would really recommend it. This is not to be confused with the gigantic taprooms that some breweries offer. If you like eclectic spaces, that have a uniquely “them” vibe, then you’ll love Ass Clown. One of the first times I visited they even had a live band playing, which was really impressive in such an intimate space.

Very Cozy Atmosphere

They have snacks available for purchase at the bar, but they also allow outside food, which you don’t always get at breweries. Speaking of breweries, it just wouldn’t be right to not mention the fact that they always have some of the best tasting beers, with some very creatively flavored concoctions. They never disappointed when looking for unique flavors to try. They also have wine if that’s more of your preference.

Drink One. Don’t Be One.

This was one of my favorite breweries before I quit drinking, and that hasn’t changed. It felt good to be back, having great conversations with friends, both new and old. The only difference was my bill was about 1/4 of what it used to be. Ass Clown is definitely on the list of #SoberCLT approved places.

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